Black and Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw Review

The Black and Decker LPP120 is a lightweight and easy to use cordless pole saw. Continue reading for my complete review.

Black and Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw


While cordless pole saws are known not to be as powerful as gas or even plug-in electrics, this 20-Volt model does have more cutting power than its 18V alternatives. With a 8-inch cutting bar, it’s rated for cutting branches up to 6 inches in diameter, which it does without a problem. In a pinch, you’ll be able to cut the occasional 7-8” limb.

Ease of Use

The LPP120 is one of the lightest saws out there at only 6.3 pounds. This makes it a great choice for those who would have trouble operating corded electric or gas saws, which typically weigh 11-16 pounds. This 20V model even comes in at a pound or two lighter than other cordless saws.

Handling the saw is a breeze. Vibration and noise are low, and the low weight makes it easy to maneuver.

Maintenance and Reliability

Maintenance for the LPP120 is as easy as it gets for a pole saw. As with any saw, you’ll want to clean it after each use and check the chain for damage and wear.

One small downside with this model is that it doesn’t have an automatic oiler, which is a reservoir to pump out oil onto the chain. It does include a small oil bottle for you to apply it manually. You’ll need to purchase some bar and chain oil and squirt it onto the bar and chain, which you should do before you begin each job.

In terms of reliability, this saw holds up well over typical use. There have been very few reports of the motor giving out. It uses lithium-ion batteries. As with all Li-Ion batteries, you should be sure to recharge the battery right away if you drain it to ensure it continues to hold its charge well. Speaking of battery life, you should expect to get a solid hour of cutting with the included battery, which is quite good.

Maximum Extension

The LPP120 has a maximum extension of 10 feet. This gives it the longest reach of any cordless available. It has a removable center pole section which can reduce the length to 6 1/2 feet to make it easier to handle if you don’t need the extra length. At full extension, you can expect to cut limbs as high as 14’ up.

Package Contents

Included in the package are an instruction manual and an oil bottle. Additionally, Black & Decker gives you a zip-up storage bag. This is a great accessory as it gives you room for the saw along with all of its accessories.

A charger and one 20V battery is also included. One big advantage of going with a Black & Decker is that you can use the 20V battery with many of their tools, such as their string trimmer, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, and more.

You’ll need to pick up some bar and chain oil to get started, but otherwise everything you need is included.


Most cordless pole saws are priced in the $100-150 range, which I find to be very reasonable. This saw is closer to the high end at $140. However, since it has the extra power of a 20V battery, the longest maximum extension, and includes a storage bag, I think it’s a great deal.


This saw includes a 2-year warranty from Black and Decker which covers both parts and labor for manufacturer defects.

Replacement Parts

You won’t find much in the way of replacement parts for cordless pole saws, and this is no exception. Of course, the only thing you should need to replace due to wear is the 8” chain, which is readily available.

Extra batteries are also available to help you take on larger jobs.


– Great cutting power with 20V battery
– Very lightweight
– Long maximum reach
– Battery can be used with other B&D tools
– Included storage bag


– Bar & chain must be manually oiled
– Battery takes several hours to charge
– A bit more costly than other cordless pole saws


I consider the LPP120 the best all-around choice in a cordless pole saw. While there are a lot of great choices out there, this saw is not only one of the lightest, but one of the most powerful and long-reaching. It’s both reliable and easy for anyone to use, even if they’ve not used power tools before.