Cordless Pole Saw Reviews and Comparison

Black and Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw

If you’re looking to add a pole saw to your yard maintenance arsenal and want the easiest to use and most convenient model, I would go with a cordless pole saw. You can work without being tethered to an electrical outlet, yet your saw will require very little maintenance. Electric pole saws are safe for use even if you’ve never used a chainsaw or landscaping tools before.

Are there drawbacks to a cordless pole saw? There are a few: first, they’re not as powerful as gas or corded pole saws. Still, they’ll cut through most tree limbs in a reasonable amount of time. You’ll also be limited in the amount of time you can cut unless you purchase spare batteries, but most trees can be fully pruned without running out the battery.

If you’re looking to keep the cost down and want a safe, easy to use, and reliable saw, cordless pole saws are the way to go.

See the chart below for a comparison of Black & Decker vs. Earthwise vs. Greenworks saws.

BrandModelPowerBar LengthMaximum ExtensionWeightPriceWarranty
Black and DeckerLPP12020V8"10'6.3 lb.under $1502 yr. parts/labor
Black and DeckerNPP201818V8"9' 7"7.6 lb.under $1002 yr. parts/labor
EarthwiseCPS4010818V8"9'8.4 lb.under $1252 yr. parts/labor
Greenworks2061220V8"8' 4"8.1 lb.under $75 (no battery/charger)4 yr. parts/labor
Greenworks2063220V8"8' 4"8.1 lb.under $1754 yr. parts/labor
OregonPS250-A640V8"10' 4"13.5 lb.under $4503 yr. parts/labor