Earthwise CPS40108 Cordless Pole Saw Review

The Earthwise CPS40108 is an easy to use cordless pole saw. Continue reading for the full breakdown.

Earthwise CPS40108 Cordless Pole Saw


This saw uses an 18V power system. The 8” bar is rated to cut tree limbs up to 6” in diameter. This makes it a good choice for smaller jobs.

Ease of Use

Though not quite as light as other cordless models, at 8.4 pounds this is still a very lightweight saw. Since much of the weight is in the battery and not all on the saw end, it ends up being better balanced than corded electric saws.

Maintenance and Reliability

The CPS40108 is both reliable and durable. Maintenance is simple. Just keep the oil reservoir filled and check over the chain periodically for wear.

If there’s a weakness to the cordless system used in this saw, it’s that it uses NiCad instead of Lithium Ion batteries. This gives the saw a runtime of about 30 minutes, where some of its Li-Ion competitors get nearly an hour of use. The battery does recharge quickly, however.

Maximum Extension

When fully extended, the CPS40108 will reach 9 feet in length. This is about average for a cordless, and is a good length for most jobs.

Package Contents

The box includes the saw, one battery, charger, bar cover, and an instruction manual. The manual isn’t quite as good as the ones that come with some other brands, but fortunately this pole saw is easy enough to operate that it’s not much of an issue.

Oil is not included, so be sure to pick up some bar & chain oil before you get started.


Cordless pole saws are reasonably priced in general. This saw has a pretty average price for a cordless at under $110.


Earthwise has a 2 year parts and labor warranty. A 2-year warranty matches that of most competitors.

Replacement Parts

Amazon carries the replacement chain as well as the bar & chain combo for the CPS40108.

For other Earthwise CPS40108 replacement parts, you’ll need to go directly to the manufacturer. has the contact info for American Lawn Mower Company, which you can call to order directly.


– Good overall value for its power and maximum extension
– Battery charges quickly


– Included NiCad has shorter battery life than Li-Ion
– Instruction manual is not the easiest to follow

In conclusion, this is overall a good value for the money. My only real complaint compared to other brands is that the battery doesn’t last as long as a Lithium-Ion. If your jobs consist of pruning just a few trees at a time, this shouldn’t be an issue.