Earthwise CVPS41008 Electric Pole Saw Review

The Earthwise CVPS41008 is one of the most reasonably priced pole saws, and includes the ability to detach the saw from the pole to convert it to an electric chainsaw. Continue reading for our complete review.

Earthwise CVPS41008 Electric Pole Saw


At 6.5 Amps, the power output of this saw is average, as is the bar length of 8”. The power is good, though, for pruning in a typical yard. You should expect to cut branches up to 6” in diameter without a problem. In a pinch, it has the power to cut a bit larger limbs with multiple cuts. The cutting speed is also good, so it makes quick work of branches and when slicing up branches for easier removal.

Ease of Use

With a weight of 10 pounds, this saw is on the lighter side for how far it reaches. This makes it fairly easy to maneuver. Like other electrics, it’s easy to get started using this saw and operation is simple for beginners. The pole is telescopic rather than fixed length, so you can twist the lock to allow you to adjust the pole to shorter lengths if needed.

Converting this model to a chainsaw by removing the saw from the pole is pretty quick and easy, which makes it handle for cutting up limbs into firewood or kindling.

Maintenance and Reliability

The CVPS41008 is about as easy to maintain as it gets. It has an automatic oiler so you just need to keep the reservoir full so the bar and chain stay lubricated. Other than that, you’ll just need to inspect the chain for damage regularly.

Maximum Extension

This saw has a good maximum extension at 9 1/2 feet, which is a bit above average for an electric. With the fairly light weight of the saw, you can reach out with the saw and expect to cut branches up to 15’ off the ground.

Package Contents

Inside you’ll find the saw, manual, and bar guard. The instruction manual included with this saw isn’t quite as clear as some I’ve seen for cordless saws like Black & Decker, but they’re as good as I’ve seen for corded saws.

You will need to purchase bar and chain oil along with this saw as it’s not included. You’ll also need an extension cord, and can safely use up to a 100’ cord.


One area where the CVPS41008 really shines is its competitive pricing. It can typically be found at under $90 from Amazon, which is a great value. You’d pay that much to have a trimming service come and prune a few of your trees just once, so if you’re a DIY’er looking to trim your own trees, it’s a great value.


Earthwise has a 2 year parts and labor warranty on all their models, which is a standard warranty length for any pole saw brand.

Replacement Parts

Other than a replacement chain, you won’t find replacement parts to order for this model. This is typical for electric pole saws, so if a part fails, you should look to replace it under warranty if possible.


– Fairly powerful and quick cutting
– Good maximum reach
– Easy to use and maintain
– Very reasonably priced


– Not quite as powerful as more pricey Remington models
– Uses oil for bar and chain lubrication somewhat quickly


If you’re on a budget and a corded pole saw works for you, this is probably the cheapest electric saw you’ll find that still has great cutting power. I would definitely recommend it over any cordless model for its cutting power so long as you have access to a power outlet.