Earthwise PS40008 Electric Pole Saw Review

The Earthwise PS40008 is a corded electric pole saw with a low price and long maximum reach. Continue on for a complete review of this saw.

Earthwise PS40008 Electric Pole Saw


This saw uses a 6 Amp motor combined with an 8” bar length. Power is on the low side for a corded electric, but will match that of any cordless and comes in at a lower price. Power is adequate for cutting branches up to 6” in diameter.

Ease of Use

Since the PS40008 has a longer reach than other electric saws, it also carries some extra weight. Total weight is 12 pounds, which can be cumbersome when fully extended. Plan to take frequent breaks if you have a lot of cuts to make.

Otherwise, this electric is as easy to operate as any of the others. It does have an automatic oiler, so you don’t need to mess with manually oiling the bar and chain. The chain tensioner is also automatic, so unlike some pole saws, you won’t have to make adjustments with a knob.

Maintenance and Reliability

Upkeep on the PS40008 is just a matter of keeping the oiler reservoir filled and the chain free from damage.

The build quality is good overall, though some of the plastics feel a bit cheap. A small percentage of owners have reported the motors failing. Take care to keep the oil reservoir filled and to cut tree limbs from the top down to avoid getting the chain stuck, as this increases the chances of damaging the motor.

Maximum Extension

The fully-extended length of this saw is 9 feet 6 inches. Some product listings note the length is 10.2’, but the actual length is 9.5’. This still makes it one of the longest-reaching electric pole saws. If maximum reach is #1 on your features list, this has most others beat.

The pole is telescopic, which means you can adjust the length as you see fit by twisting the lock. This is more convenient than saws with a removable center section and only two choices of length.

Package Contents

Inside the box, you’ll find just the saw and owner’s manual. The photos in the manual aren’t the most clear and the instructions do leave a bit to be desired, but overall it’s not too bad.

You will need an extension cord in order to power the saw, as with any electric. I’d recommend at least a 14 gauge cord for lengths up to 100’. Bar & chain oil will also be necessary to fill the automatic oiler.


The price on this saw is very reasonable, and can be found under $90. This makes it one of the best electric pole saw bargains.


Earthwise has a 2-year parts and labor warranty, which is typical for electric pruning tools.

Replacement Parts

Other than the chain, you won’t find replacement parts at ordinary retailers, which is typical of electrics. For replacement part information, you’ll need to call Earthwise at 800-633-1501.


– Low price
– Long maximum reach
– Automatic oiler and chain tensioner


– Some reports of motor failure
– Heavier than other electrics


This saw is both easy to operate and maintain. If price and maximum reach are most important to you, the Earthwise PS40008 is a great choice.