Electric Pole Saw Reviews and Comparison

Remington RM1015P Electric Pole Saw

If you’re on a budget but want a reliable, powerful pole saw, the best choice is an electric model. These require a 110V outlet to plug into, but will run reliably for hours. While cordless pole saws are a good option for some, plug-in electrics have more cutting power and can be run for an extended amount of time.

Are there downsides to electric pole saws? Sure, but not many. The biggest is probably the inconvenience of having to plug in a cord. You’ll need to make sure you have an electrical outlet somewhat near (within 100 feet) of your work area. An extension cord can certainly be used to increase your distance from the outlet. Electric pole saws don’t have quite as much cutting power as gas models, but they’re pretty powerful for cutting through all but the thickest tree limbs.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet capable saw, electric pole saws are the way to go.

See the table below for a comparison of Remington vs. Poulan vs. Greenworks vs. Earthwise saws.

BrandModelPowerBar LengthMaximum ExtensionWeightPriceWarranty
EarthwiseCVPS410086.5 Amp8"9.6'10 lb.under $1002 yr. parts/labor
EarthwisePS400086 Amp8"10.2'12 lbunder $1002 yr. parts/labor
Greenworks200627 Amp10"10'10.9 lb.under $1004 yr. parts/labor
PoulanPLN15108 Amp10"8'11 lb.under $1001 yr. parts/labor
RemingtonRM0612P6 Amp6"7'6.5 lb.under $1002 yr. parts/labor
RemingtonRM1015P8 Amp10"9'11.2 lb.under $1252 yr. parts/labor
RemingtonRM1015SPS8 Amp10"9'11.5 lb.under $1252 yr. parts/labor
Sun JoeSWJ800E6.5 Amp8"8'7 lb.under $802 yr. parts/labor