Greenworks 20062 Electric Pole Saw Review

The Greenworks 20062 is a reliable electric pole saw with some great features for its price. Read on for our complete review.

Greenworks 20062 Electric Pole Saw


The model 20062 has a 10” bar and a 7 Amp rating. It’s designed for cutting branches and limbs up to 6” in diameter, which it does with ease. It can also handle the occasional 8” limb.

Ease of Use

At 10.9 pounds, the weight of this saw is fairly average. Like other electrics, most of the weight is at the end of the saw, so it can be a bit cumbersome when fully extended.

The saw can be easily detached from the pole, which comes in handy when you want to cut tree limbs into smaller sections.

Overall this saw is easy to operate.

Maintenance and Reliability

Unlike some electric saws, the Greenworks 20062 has an automatic oiler. Just fill the reservoir with bar & chain oil, and it keeps them lubricated. This is a handy feature which saves time and means there’s one less step you have to do before starting a job.

This saw is also quite reliable, with good overall durability.

Maximum Extension

At 10 feet of maximum extension, this saw has a long reach for an electric. This means you’ll be able to cut branches around 14’ from the ground without using a ladder.

Package Contents

Inside the box you’ll find the pole saw parts, manual, and a scabbard to protect the chain and bar. You’ll need to purchase some bar & chain oil to fill the reservoir before you get going.

You’ll also need an extension cord. If you go with a cord 100’ in length, use at least a 14 gauge extension cord. For shorter cords, you can go with 16 gauge.


One area where Greenworks really comes out ahead is price. Although it has nearly as long of a reach as any electric saw and a good amount of power, this saw is priced low at under $90, making it quite a bargain.


Another standout feature is this saw’s warranty. While most other manufacturers have a 2 year warranty, this comes with a 4-year parts and labor warranty. Not bad at all for the price!

Replacement Parts

Parts for the Greenworks 20062 are not readily available aside from the chain. However, with the long warranty and this being an electric model, there are few parts prone to wearing out.


– Good power and reliability
– Automatic oiler
– Detachable saw
– Long 4-year warranty
– Great value


– Not the most powerful electric available
– A bit cumbersome when fully extended


Overall the Greenworks 20062 is a great value-priced electric, with some great features such as the detachable saw and automatic oiler. Unless you’re going to be regularly cutting tree limbs 6” and thicker, this saw should have everything you need at a great price.