Greenworks 20632 Cordless Pole Saw Review

The Greenworks 20632 cordless pole saw (and the model 20612, which is identical but comes without a battery and charger) is easy to use and has a long 4-year warranty. Read on for our complete review.

Greenworks 20632 Cordless Pole Saw


The Greenworks 20632 uses a 20V Lithium-Ion power system. This provides more cutting power than 18V saws. It uses an 8” bar, which is typical for cordless models. This saw has no problem cutting through tree limbs up to 6” in size.

There are a number of benefits to the 20V system on top of the extra power. Battery life is longer than NiCads, and this saw can cut for about 1 hour before being recharged. The battery is also lightweight which means less weight to carry when pruning.

Ease of Use

The weight of this pole saw is average for a cordless at 8.1 pounds, but as a cordless, it’s lighter than most corded electric and gas models by at least a few pounds. This makes it much less tiring to hold for the duration of your pruning job.

Maintenance and Reliability

Cordless saws are easy to maintain in general. The 20632 has an automatic oiler, which isn’t found in some other brands such as Black & Decker. This means with the Greenworks that you simply need to keep the reservoir filled with oil, and it will automatically dispense onto the chain and bar. This system works well on the 20632.

The chain on this model does seem to come loose more often than on other saws. This means it may need to be adjusted a bit more frequently than on other brands, but fortunately this is easy to do. Just turn the plastic chain tension adjustment knob on the saw and make sure the chain is snug.

Some owners have reported problems with the batteries failing after several months. This seems to be a manufacturing defect in the batteries. Keep in mind you do get a 4-year warranty, which does cover replacing the battery if this happens.

Maximum Extension

With the removable center pole section added, this saw extends to 8 feet 4 inches in length. While this is a bit shorter than most other brands, you’ll still be able to cut branches about 12’ off the ground. Most people will find this to be plenty of reach, but that all depends on the type of trees you’re trimming.

Package Contents

Inside the box, you’ll find the saw, charger, 2.6 Ah battery, manual, and warranty card.

Keep in mind you will need to pick up some bar & chain oil to fill the reservoir before you begin cutting. This ensures the blade doesn’t get stuck or overheat.


The model 20632 is priced a bit higher than other cordless models at just under $160. If a longer warranty is worth a little extra to you, this makes up for the bit of additional cost. In case you already have a charger and battery from another Greenworks gardening tool, you can go with the model 20612 and save $90.


Most cordless pole saws have a 2-year warranty, but Greenworks doubles this with a 4-year parts and labor warranty.

Replacement Parts

Greenworks does not appear to offer replacement parts for this model aside from the chain and extra batteries, which is typical for a cordless saw.


– 20V system provides good cutting power
– Automatic oiler
– 4-year warranty


– Some reports of battery failure
– Chain tension needs to be adjusted more frequently than other models


If you’re looking for a cordless pole saw with long battery life, good cutting power, and an excellent warranty, the Greenworks 20632 is a great choice.