Husqvarna 327P5x Gas Pole Saw Review

The Husqvarna 327P5x is one of the most powerful  and longest-reaching gas pole saws on the market. Continue on for our complete review.

Husqvarna 327P5x Gas Pole Saw


With a 24.5cc, 1.21 horsepower 2-cycle engine and big 12″ bar, this is a powerful saw with a lot of torque. This model uses the E-TECH II engine which is quieter and more clean-running than most gas engines but doesn’t give up any power. If you’re looking for the saw with the most cutting power, Husqvarna gas saws are the way to go. You can expect to cut through tree limbs up to about 18” in diameter!

Ease of Use

At 14.1 pounds, the 327P5x is surprisingly light for its power and reach. Most of the weight is in the base of the saw, so by keeping it near your center of mass it’s pretty easy to balance and use for an extended period of time.

Included in the box is a harness, which other manufacturers may offer but typically charge extra for. The harness can be a little complicated to adjust and get used to, but it makes a world of difference in terms of reducing fatigue and making the saw safer to use.

The P327P5x also has vibration dampening, which does make the saw less tiring to run over long periods of time.

Maintenance and Reliability

As with any gas pole saw, the maintenance required is more than with an electric model. The E-TECH II does run cleaner, so less grime builds up around the engine. This can be a problem with older saws which get covered in grime and cause sawdust to cling everywhere.

In addition to normal maintenance of taking care of the chain and automatic oiler, you’ll also need to check the spark plug and clean the air filter every week or so. The included manual does a great job of explaining the maintenance intervals and procedures.

Maximum Extension

Though the maximum extension of this saw is a bit shorter than Husqvarna’s top-end (and most expensive) 327PT5S model at 12’, this model extends to 11 feet 6 inches. This is still far longer than most pole saws, and will get you to about 15’ of reach.

Package Contents

As mentioned earlier, the package includes an adjustable harness which is a must-have if working for more than a short while. The user manual is one of the best in the business and makes getting started and maintaining the saw pretty easy. All you need is your gas/oil mixture (87+ octane fuel plus two-stroke engine oil) and saw chain oil.


Of course, the best equipment isn’t cheap. This saw can usually be found for under $570, which is a big chunk of money. But for how powerful the saw is, how much further it reaches than other saws, and how reliable it is for daily use, I think you get what you pay for in this case.


All Husqvarna saws come with a 2 year warranty which covers both parts and labor.

Replacement Parts

If you choose to service the saw yourself, most replacement parts are available through The chain is available through Amazon. If you’d rather have a local service center perform repairs and maintenance, check out the Husqvarna Dealer Locator to find a nearby dealer.


– Excellent cutting power
– Trusted Husqvarna reliability
– Long maximum extension


– Non-telescopic pole
– Expensive


Overall, I think the 327P5x is a great gas pole saw value. It’s not cheap, but it’ll last for many years of daily use as long as you maintain it. It also has better cutting power and a longer reach than most gas saws on the market. If you can afford to pay a little extra, the 327PT5S would be an overall better choice mainly due to its telescopic pole. In terms of raw performance, the 327P5x is still excellent.