Husqvarna 327PT5S Gas Pole Saw Review

The Husqvarna 327PT5S is the longest reaching pole saw on the market, along with being the most powerful. Read on for our full review.

Husqvarna 327PT5S Gas Pole Saw


The 327PT5S uses a 2-stroke, gas engine with 1.2 horsepower. This makes it one of the highest-output pole saws on the market. The use of a 2-stroke engine rather than 4-stroke means a higher max RPM, thus a quicker chain speed and faster cutting ability. This saw not only has a lot of torque and a long 12” bar to cut through thick tree limbs, but will cut as fast as any other saw out there.

Ease of Use

I find Husqvarna saws the easiest to operate of any gas saw. The instructions are detailed and clear. The automatic chain oiler works effectively. The air purge system works great and allows this saw to start up easily every time, which isn’t something that can be said for all gas saws.

Unlike other Husqvarna saws, this model has a telescopic pole which makes it very versatile.

The weight isn’t bad for a gas saw at 16.1 pounds, especially considering the extra-long reach of this saw. However, if you’d rather give up about 1.5’ of reach for 2 pounds less weight, you can consider the 327P5x instead.

Maintenance and Reliability

If you run a landscaping business or have a large amount of trees to prune on a frequent basis, you can’t go wrong with Husqvarna saws. I consider them to be the most reliable brand. To maintain this saw, you’ll want to regularly check over the chain for damage and file any burrs. Be sure to keep the automatic oiler filled and oiling will be a no-brainer. You should also check the spark plug and clean up the air filter about every week if it’s used daily. The instructions cover the maintenance procedures well, and they’re pretty easy to complete on your own. It’s also not a bad idea to take it in to a shop every year or two to make sure the engine is running optimally.

Maximum Extension

There’s simply no other saw with as long of a reach as this one. When comparing the Husqvarna 327PT5S vs. the 327P5x, this has an even longer reach at just over 13 feet compared to 11 1/2 feet on the 327P5x. The extra reach can really come in handy and depending on the tree, might allow you to make most of your cuts without using a ladder. Once it’s in your arms, you can expect to get to branches around 17-18’ off the ground.

Package Contents

Husqvarna includes a great adjustable harness with their higher end pole saws. This really helps counteract the weight of the saw and make it easier to work with on long jobs. A nice user manual is included in the box, and it’s definitely worth reading through. It’s easy to follow and will clear up any questions you have on the features and maintenance schedule of this pole saw.

Be sure to pick up a bottle of 2-cycle oil to mix with your gas and some bar and chain oil before you get started.


There has to be one downside to the most powerful and longest-reaching pole saw, right? Well, that’s its price. It’s one of the more expensive gas saws out there. I think it’s worth it, though, if you’re willing to maintain the saw properly rather than just but a new lower-quality saw every couple of years. Husqvarna’s engines are very dependable and this saw lasts for a long time.


The 327PT5S has a 2 year parts and labor warranty. This is pretty standard for any pole saw.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available through if you’re planning to do a replacement or repair on your own, while the chain is available from a number of retailers. Otherwise, you can use the Husqvarna Dealer Locator to find a service center in your area.


– Outstanding cutting power
– Reliable and easy to start engine
– Longest maximum extension of any saw


– One of the more expensive pole saws


If you’ll be using your pole saw nearly every day, I wouldn’t bother with cheaper saws in the $350 or less price range – they just don’t hold up as well as a professional grade saw such as this. If you can budget it, the Husqvarna 327PT5S has the best performance and reach of any pole saw and makes an excellent choice. If you rely on a saw for your landscaping business or have a large number of trees on your property to maintain, I think this is the best choice on the market today.