Maintenance Tips for Pole Saws

To keep your pole saw in good working order, and to prolong its life, you should be sure to maintain it properly.

Maintenance schedules are provided in the owner’s manual for most models. However, most saws require similar upkeep, so I’ll discuss that here.

Below I’ll outline steps you should take for both gas and electric pole saws, followed by those unique to gas models.

Before Each Use:

  • Make sure all screws, nuts, and bolts are tight
  • Check that the trigger and trigger lock move normally before turning on the saw
  • Look over the chain and make sure it is free of breaks or other damage

After Each Use:

  • Perform a basic cleaning on the outside of the unit (a damp rag works fine)
  • Clean below the protective cover with surrounds the blade
  • Return the machine to its storage bag, if you have one

After Every Few Jobs:

  • Check all cables and connections
  • Check the oil level in the oiler, and add as needed

Gas Pole Saw Maintenance

Before Each Use:

  • Clean the air filter; replace if needed
  • Check over for any fuel leaks from the tank, fuel lines, or engine

Every Week:

  • Check the starter cord for wear
  • Look for damage on the vibration damping elements
  • Clean the outside of the spark plug. Remove it and check/adjust the gap according to manufacturer’s specs
  • If any metal burrs have developed along the edge of the bar, file them off with a metal file

Every Month:

  • Check the fuel filter for clogs and replace if needed
  • Look for cracks or damage to the fuel hose and replace if necessary
  • Replace the spark plug

Following these upkeep steps will ensure years of reliable use from your pole saw.