Poulan PLN1510 Electric Pole Saw Review

The Poulan Pro PLN1510 is an electric pruner / pole saw. Read on for our full review.

Poulan PLN1510 Electric Pole Saw


The PLN1510 is an 8-Amp saw rated at 1.5 hp with a 10” bar length. The power is adequate for cutting small branches, but this is not the most powerful electric saw. If you need to cut branches more than about 5” you should check our other reviews to find a more powerful saw.

Ease of Use

This saw is easy to operate, like most electric saws. It is of average weight for an electric at 11 pounds, which is fairly lightweight and makes it easy to handle.

Though this model has a detachable saw for cutting tree limbs into smaller sections, it’s not as easy to remove as some models. Detaching the saw requires removing nuts and bolts, which can be a bit time consuming and cumbersome.

Maintenance and Reliability

Maintenance is minimal for this saw, and mainly consists of keeping the saw clean, the chain and bar oiled, and the chain free from damage.

Generally speaking, the quality of this saw is pretty good. However, a plastic nut is used to tighten the pole length adjustment, which is a frequent point of failure for this saw.

Maximum Extension

Retracted completely, this saw is 4’ 9” long. When fully extended, the PLN1510 is 8’ long. This is a fairly average length of extension compared to the competition and will allow you to reach about 12 feet.

Package Contents

Just the pole saw and manual are included. You’ll need to be sure to pick up some bar & chain oil to get started with tree pruning.


The price of this saw is a bit on the high side for an electric at around $160. For the extra cost, I would expect additional features and better quality, but unfortunately that is not the case.


This saw has a 1 year manufacturer warranty, while the industry standard is 2 years. This is another mark against this saw.

Replacement Parts

Parts for the PLN1510 are available through eReplacementParts.com and other merchants. The chain can be found at Amazon.


– Easy maintenance
– Good overall reliability


– Plastic pole adjustment nut prone to failure
– Detachable saw is time consuming to remove
– Only a 1-year warranty
– Not as good of a value as other electric models


Like many models in Poulan’s line of chainsaws, this pole saw seems to suffer from inconsistent quality control issues. While some owners report no problems with this saw, the plastic pole adjustment nut has made this saw unusable for others. Because of this and the below-average overall value of this saw, I would recommend considering a different model such as the Remington RM1015SPS.