Poulan Pro PP338PT Gas Pole Saw Review

The Poulan Pro PP338T is a 2-stroke gas pole saw. This model is reasonably priced for a gas saw and includes a string trimmer attachment. How does it compare to other gas models? Read on for the full review.

Poulan Pro PP338T Gas Pole Saw


Gas pole saws are known for their power and high speed. The PP338T has a 33cc engine which puts out about 1 hp. This puts it in between Troy-Bilt and Husqvarna for power.

When talking about a saw having a lot of power, this has two main benefits: 1) cutting thicker limbs and 2) faster cutting. The PP338T has an 8” bar just as Troy-Bilt does. This is a good size for cutting branches up to about 7”. This is very good for what I’d consider a consumer-grade saw. Only once you step up to a commercial-grade Husqvarna will you be able to cut even thicker limbs.

As far a cutting speed, this saw cuts more quickly than electrics. Small branches in the 2” diameter range are cut through in just a few seconds. This will make quick work of your pruning job if you’re mostly cutting smaller branches.

Ease of Use

Since this is a gas saw, it’s not quite as simple to operate as an electric. You’ll need to combine gasoline and 2-stroke oil, prime the engine with the bulb, and pull-start it.

Once it’s running, it’s pretty easy to operate. A good deal of the total 15 pound weight is in the engine, which is held close to you. This helps balance the saw better than many electric models. A harness is also included to take some of the weight off your arms.

Maintenance and Reliability

This saw picks up dust more than an electric due to the exhaust, so you’ll need to put a little more effort into keeping it clean. Maintenance is pretty easy, and it’s mostly limited to keeping the automatic oiler reservoir filled and keeping the chain sharp and free of damage.

In terms of reliability, the engine on this Poulan is a little more finicky than a Husqvarna. If it’s been a long while since you’ve started it, you might have some problems getting the engine started or keeping it idling. Be sure to check the fuel line, filter, spark plug, and idle speed adjustment if it still won’t start and idle properly.

The PP338T is suitable for light to moderate use, but I think it’s too light-duty for commercial landscapers.

Maximum Extension

At 9 feet, the maximum extension of this saw is average compared to competitors. This gives it approximately 14 feet of reach in your arms, which is a good amount of distance.

Package Contents

You get a good amount of extras with this saw. A string trimmer attachment for cutting weeds and brush is included, which you can bolt in place instead of the saw.

Unlike nearly all the other saws out there, Poulan provides you with both 2-cycle engine oil and bar & chain oil. This is a nice extra and ensures you have everything you need, except gas.

A shoulder strap is also included. It’s a lot more basic than Husqvarna harnesses, but still helps at keeping some weight off your arms.


This saw is priced reasonably at under $200, especially since it includes a string trimmer attachment, engine oil, and bar & chain oil. This makes it about $100 cheaper than buying a Troy-Bilt gas trimmer plus the separate pole saw attachment.


Poulan has a 2-year parts and labor warranty, which is typical for a gas pole saw.

Replacement Parts

Parts are not readily available for the PP338T aside from the chain and spark plug. You’ll need to contact Poulan directly if another part needs replacement outside of the warranty.


– Good cutting power and speed
– One of the lowest-priced gas saws
– Lots of extras included in the box (trimmer attachment, oil, shoulder strap)


– Engine can be tough to start and keep idling after it’s not been used for a while

– Can’t cut as thick of tree limbs as commercial gas saws


The Poulan Pro PP338T is a good value for a gas saw. It includes a lot of extras that the competition doesn’t – a string trimmer attachment, engine oil, and bar & chain oil. While it’s not as heavy duty or powerful as a commercial gas pole saw, it’ll make quick work of small to medium sized cuts.