Remington RM0612P Electric Pole Saw Review

The Remington RM0612P is a very lightweight, affordable pole saw. Can it measure up to its more powerful competitors? Read on for the full review.

Remington RM0612 Electric Pole Saw


At 6 Amps, this saw is on the low end of the power scale, and isn’t able to tackle as thick of tree limbs as some other models. Expect to be able to cut branches 6 inches in diameter, but no thicker.

Ease of Use

This saw is pretty simple to operate. It has the advantage of being the lightest electric saw out there at only 6.5 pounds. This makes it much easier to maneuver and less strenuous to hold for a long period of time than a lot of other saws.

The saw doesn’t include an automatic oiler – you will have to keep a bottle of bar & chain oil handy and manually apply oil before each use.

Maintenance and Reliability

While the build quality of other Remington saws is excellent, I feel the RM0612P falls short. Granted, it’s less expensive, but it doesn’t live up to the brand’s reputation. The drive gears are made of plastic and are prone to failure which is a big drawback for this model.

Maximum Extension

The maximum extension for this saw is on the low end at 7 feet, while most electrics reach 9 feet on average. This is the tradeoff you get for such a lightweight saw.

Package Contents

Inside the box you’ll find the saw and instruction manual. As is typical, bar and chain oil and an extension cord are not included, but are necessary to get started.


If you’re shopping on price alone, the RM0612 has all of the others beat. It can be found under $80, which is at least $10 less than other models. I do feel some corners were cut to reach this price point, however; namely, the maximum reach and build quality.


This saw is covered by a 2 year parts and labor warranty. This is an average warranty duration for the industry.

Replacement Parts

Remington RM0612P replacement parts are not available, other than the chain. Expect the entire saw to be replaced if it fails within the warranty period. Past the warranty period, it unfortunately will not be possible to obtain a replacement.


– Lowest price of any electric model
– Very lightweight at 6.5 pounds


– Power on the low end for an electric
– Below-average build quality and reliability
– Relatively short maximum extension
– Must be oiled manually


While I appreciate that Remington offers a model of pole saw under $80, the quality of the RM0612P just doesn’t match their other saws. Fortunately, electrics are priced reasonably in general, so you don’t need to spend a lot more to get a durable and powerful saw. My recommendation is to skip the RM0612P and spend the extra $30 or so to move up to the Remington RM1015sPS. It’s very reliable, more powerful, and reaches an extra 2 feet.