Remington RM1015P Electric Pole Saw Review

The Remington RM1015P is an affordable yet capable electric pole saw. Read on for a full review of this saw.

Remington RM1015P Electric Pole Saw


The RM1015P has an 8-Amp electric motor which puts out 1.5 horsepower. This makes it one of the most powerful electrics available. Its 10” bar is rated to cut through tree limbs up to 10 inches wide, and will do so with ease. If the trees you need to prune have thick branches and you’re looking to go with an electric, this saw is one of the best choices out there.

Maintenance and Reliability

This model is very easy to clean and maintain. As an electric, sawdust doesn’t cling to it since there are no gas exhaust fumes. Just wipe it down after using it and be sure to keep the chain tightened. The manual oiler needs to be filled with 3 ounces of 30W motor oil (not included) and pumped by pressing the bulb before making cuts. It’s recommended to drain the oil when you store the saw, which I think is particularly important with this model since it tends to leak oil from the reservoir.

In terms of reliability, this saw holds up surprisingly well – better than you might expect for its price. I would consider Remington the top brand for reliability in an electric.

Ease of Use

As an electric pole saw, this saw is less intimidating to use than a gas saw. Just check it over, plug it in, and start it up.

In terms of handling, the weight of the RM1015P is average for an electric at 11.2 pounds. Like other electrics, most of the weight is in the saw itself which is of course at the end of the pole. This can make it a bit tiring to hold when it’s fully extended. Again, that’s typical for an electric.

The saw does detach from the pole on this model, so you can remove it and use it to cut branches into smaller chunks.

Maximum Extension

Fully extended, this pole saw measures 9 feet in length. This means you can expect to reach branches at least 12’ up.

Package Contents

In the package, all you’ll find is the saw, pole, and user guide. Be sure to pick up a bottle of bar and chain oil or 30W motor oil for the oiler as you’ll need it to get started. You’ll also need a standard extension cord. You can go up to 100’ in length if you use at least a 14 gauge cord; use at least a 16 gauge cord for 50’ or less.


Like other electrics, this saw is priced reasonably at just over $100. Don’t let that put you off, though – the RM1015P is a great buy. There are other saws out there in the $80 range, but they don’t have the power or the 10” bar for cutting larger limbs. I’d spend the small amount extra for this saw’s capabilities.


This saw has a 2 year parts and labor warranty, which is considered the industry standard.

Replacement Parts

Remington pole saw parts are available online from You can also buy replacement chains from Amazon at a reasonable price.


–    One of the most powerful electric models
–    Very reliable and easy to use
–    Good maximum extension


–    Slightly more costly than some electrics
–    Oiler can leak and should be emptied before storage


The Remington RM1015P is a great choice in an electric pole saw. It’s easy to use, powerful, reliable, and surprisingly affordable. It’s been updated with the RM1015SPS model, which seems to have resolved the issue with the leaky oiler. However, the RM1015P can be found at a lower price, so take that into consideration.