Remington RM1015SPS Electric Pole Saw Review

The Remington RM1015SPS is a reasonably priced but powerful electric pole saw. When compared vs. the RM1015P, there are a few differences. The RM1015SPS updates to an improved trigger and hand guard, and the pole length can be adjusted from either end. The RM1015P’s oiler had a tendency to leak, which appears to have been fixed on this model. Continue reading for a complete review.

Remington RM1015SPS Electric Pole Saw


The electric motor in the RM1015SPS is 8 Amps and puts out 1.5 horsepower. It also has a 10” bar which can cut through tree limbs and trunks as large as 10 inches in diameter. Smaller branches are cut with surprising ease and speed. As one of the most powerful electric pole saws out there, this is a great choice if you’re looking for fast cutting power.

Ease of Use

Electrics are known for their simple startup and use, and this saw is no different. Weight is average. One small downside to electric pole saws is that a lot of the weight is at the end of the pole, so balancing it does take a bit of getting used to. Other than that, operation is as easy as any electric gardening tool, and it’s no problem to use even for someone who’s never handled a gardening power tool.

The saw can also be detached from the end of the pole, which is handy for cutting up branches into smaller pieces.

Maintenance and Reliability

Maintenance and cleanup are easy with the RM1015SPS. Since there are no gas exhaust fumes, sawdust doesn’t easily stick to the saw. To keep this tool in good working order, just wipe down everything but the bar before you put it away, and be sure to check the chain regularly for wear.

The saw does have a manual oiler rather than automatic. You’ll need to fill it with 30W motor oil (3 ounces) which is not included. Before you turn the saw on, you’ll press the oiler bulb which will keep the chain from jamming or overheating. If you need to put the saw away for an extended period of time (say, over the winter) you should drain the oil from the reservoir.

Maximum Extension

The length of this pole saw, when fully extended, is 9 feet. This is about average for an electric model, but that’s plenty of length for most uses. You can expect to reach anywhere from 12-14’ off the ground.

Package Contents

Inside the box you’ll just find the saw and the manual. You will need to purchase some oil for the bar and chain. Also, corded electric pole saws do not come with a cord – you’ll need an extension cord. A 14 gauge cord is best and will allow you to go up to 100 feet. If you only need 50’ or less of length, 16 gauge is safe to use.


The price is quite reasonable on the RM1015SPS, as it is with many electrics. Even though it’s priced close to other brands, I think this saw represents the best value because of its extra cutting power and great reliability.


Remington has a 2-year parts and labor warranty on this saw, which is typical of any brand of pole saw.

Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts, you can check out also offers replacement chains. With an electric, the chain is really all you should need to replace unless the saw is dropped or otherwise damaged.


  • More powerful than most electrics
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Detachable saw
  • Reasonable price for its power


  • Slightly more costly than some electric models
  • Manual rather than automatic oiler


The RM1015SPS hits all the important marks – powerful, easy to use, reliable, and affordable.  Improvements were made over the already great RM1015P model as noted in the beginning of this review. The Remington RM1015SPS is my top pick of all electric pole saws.