Troy-Bilt PS720 Gas Pole Saw Attachment Review

The Troy-Bilt TrimmerPlus PS720 is an add-on pole saw that can be used with EZ-Link power equipment. Read on for a complete review.

Troy-Bilt PS720 Gas Pole Saw Attachment


Since this is an attachment, the engine to drive the saw is not included. You’ll first need to purchase a compatible string trimmer from Troy-Bilt if you don’t already have one. Models include the TB514CS, TB525, and TB575, each of which is powered by a 4-stroke 29cc gas engine.

When the pole saw attachment is paired with one of the base units, the cutting power is very good. Cutting through branches up to 6” in diameter is quick and effortless even without using full throttle. Thicker limbs and trunks can be tackled by making multiple cuts with no problem.

Ease of Use

Attaching this EZ-Link saw is simple, as the name implies. Just put the pole’s coupler in place and turn the locking knob by hand, and you’re ready to cut.

This saw includes an automatic oiler to lubricate the bar and chain. Just keep the reservoir filled and there’s nothing else to mess with.

Maintenance and Reliability

Upkeep on this attachment is pretty simple. Just check over the chain for damage and wear from time to time, and keep the oiler tank filled.

Maximum Extension

The reach on this attachment is shorter than many other saws at 8 feet long. Part of the pole can be removed to shorten the length by two feet. You should expect to cut branches 12-13’ above the ground with this attachment when you reach out – beyond that, you’ll need to use a ladder.

Package Contents

In addition to the pole saw attachment and the manual, inside the box you’ll find a chain guard and a hook to hang the attachment from your work bench or wall. Be sure to pick up some bar & chain oil before you start cutting.


If you already own a Troy-Bilt string trimmer, the attachment is reasonably priced. I think it’s a better idea to purchase the attachment if you’ve had good luck with your trimmer, rather than buying a separate electric or gas pole saw. The price is a bit less and you have one less motor or engine to maintain.

If you don’t yet own a trimmer, there are cheaper options than buying the trimmer plus pole saw attachment. However, if you plan to purchase a wide variety of power gardening tools, the EZ-Link system is a good way to do so. You can get a lawn edger, blower, brushcutter, cultivator, hedge trimmer, and other attachments all for under $100 each, which keeps the total cost lower for owning all of these tools.


As with all the EZ-Link attachments, the PS720 comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. This is a typical warranty length for any saw.

Replacement Parts

You can order replacement parts directly from MTD Parts. MTD is the parent company of Troy-Bilt and produces their full line. The 8″ replacement chain is also readily available.


  • Good cutting power when paired with Troy-Bilt 29cc engine
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Maximum reach is on the short side at 8’
  • Requires somewhat costly gas string trimmer


If you already own a Troy-Bilt gas power tool with EZ-Link, this pole saw is definitely the way to go. If you’re new to Troy-Bilt’s shaft-powered yard equipment, I still think this pole saw is a great value if you need to buy a string trimmer, pole saw, and at least one other attachment.